Viktoriya Katinova
Eyes of a striking aquamarine peak out from under long, dark lashes, mirroring the kind smile that plays across full lips the color of the first berries after winter's thaw. The shade of her lips is echoed in a becoming youthful flush that spreads across her high cheekbones. Her hair, a remarkable blend of copper interwoven with strands of gold and darker auburn, is plaited into a crown around her head, secured with intricate silver pins. Where her braids catches the light, they shimmer like fire and gold spun into fine wire. Two rogue locks seem to have escaped her otherwise meticulous braid, yet somehow only serve to accentuate the delicate features of her heart-shaped face.

A long slender neck gives way to prominent collar bones, her skin so pale that the blue veins can be seen faintly tracing webs across the expanse of her open neckline. Resting in the hollow of her neck on a thin silver chain is a pendant etched with inter-knotting designs. In the center of the pendant a deep blue multi-faceted jewel is set, which somehow seems to capture and refract light even when resting in shadows.

The pendant rests just above a high, rounded bosom, which gives way to a slim waist and sensuously curved hips. She is richly dressed in a gown of sapphire velvet. Long flowing skirts fall to the ground around her 5'6" frame, with a square neckline edged in silver embroidery patterned with tiny stars, moons, and snowflakes. Tightly fitted sleeves fall to the elbow where they open to reveal slender forearms and delicate wrists. Her hands show no sign of callouses on her palms or her elegant, dexterous fingers.

An inky black feline with wide eyes of a luminous purple winds around the woman's feet. The cat purrs gently as she slinks against her dress, rubbing its velvety soft fur against the deep sapphire fabric.

The woman and her cat both regard you with a highly intelligent, curious look.