Delia was born and raised in a version of Shadow Earth in which magics of various types are real and a dominant power. She was taught magic with a voodoo flair.
As a child she was also exposed to many rituals and rites to increase her mystical abilities. One of these, though she didn't know it at the time, was walking the Pattern.

Delia was raised in Shadow specifically to keep her out of the affairs of Amber. Whomever her Amber parent was they want/wanted it that way. She was raised by adopted parents: her mother Marie and father Saturday. Known in Delia's world as Mama Marie and Papa Saturday. These two (one of whom may be her true Amber parent in disguise) raise and teach Delia. One day there's an attack on her home Shadow from outside by forces unknown. Ending the battle with a powerful appears to kill her parents. The truth of Delia's life is only revealed after their death in a letter.
She is told of Amber, her powers, and how to travel in Shadow. The only thing left out of the letter is the connection her parents held to Amber.

Now she's setting out into Shadow to find the truth.