At first glance, Liliana is a country-girl who has little experience with the outside world. More or less always where the dirty clothes while she was a farmer, it mostly consists of a dull and worn tunic and pants. Slightly out of the ordinary are the sandals and (less worn-out) overcoat that is clearly newer than the rest of her clothes. Neither tall or short, it's clear to onlookers that she's neither dainty or sheltered. Slung aside one of her shoulders is a tan knapsack, filled with miscellaneous goods, that has definitely seen better days.

Liliana has deep blue eyes and long brown hair, which reaches to her waist. For the most part, this hair is either put into some braid or ponytail as to not get in the way as she moves about and tied with whatever she can find. While possibly pretty, it's hard to tell with the hints of dirt on her person. Neatly bundled around her shoulders is a thin, blue scarf that is noticeably more cared for than the rest of her appearance.