Ariadne Greenthorne

Ariadne Greenthorne, known at Magpie, or "Maggie", to her friends, was always dissatisfied and frustrated with life on the open plains.  Born to the elven Thawne tribe in the Central Plains, the endless majesty and unsurpassed beauty of the savannahs and rolling dales made the half elven girl want to vomit.   She loathed the routine and the slow pace of life, interrupted only by stampedes and the occasional feud.   It probably didn't help that she was descended from the Thawne tribe, whose leader Eobard, had been deposed by the current ruler of the tribes, Bari'Alan.  And, to add insult to insult, she was the daughter of an unmarried elven woman whose dalliance with a passing human tracker made her even more of an outsider.
She was miserable in her existence as a member of an elven tribe of horse breeders and hunters, living for the occasional foray into the larger human and other cities where trade would sometimes happen.   It was all she could think about, and she lived for helping with the haggling and then occasionally sneaking off to explore the exotic and seemingly endless variety of other civilizations, like Themyscira, Ivyland, and Metropolis.   Her proclivity for quick wits, a quick mouth, and quicker hands (that sometimes seemed to acquire "souvenirs" in her travels) earned her the nickname of "Magpie".  She still liked shiny things to this day.
So it was that when she was an adult (or, perhaps a bit earlier, technically), Maggie the Magpie left her tribe with a tearful and terse conversation with her mother and never looked back.

Ariadne is pretty, but petite, often being teased as "having the grace of a human and the toughness of an elf".  Her dark olive skin and silky dark hair favored her mother, but her inquisitive and sharp eyes supposedly favored her father, at least according to her mother.
The athletic halfelf preferred leather armor, and other subtle looks, but wasn't above wearing glitz and glamor if the situation warranted.   Her prized possession was a large repeating crossbow that was her preferred weapon, besides her sharp tongue.
She liked collecting souvenirs of her travels, and trophies of her victories, but loved the thrill of the hunt, and outwitting opponents.   She wants to be a merchant, buying and selling, and loves the sound of coins.