Marius is a mountain of a man. Though anyone who looked at him would most likely not describe him as such. Standing at just over 6'5 and with a physique to match it, the imposing greyish toned giant weighs almost 250lbs in his armour. If you were to look closely at his unnaturally toned skin, you would notice small metallic lines that seem almost like tattoos. His eyes glow a pale, almost greyish, turquoise, which is in stark contrast to his long, black, unruly hair that he keeps in a single braid that falls to his waist. There are also a number of scars along his torso and arms, a notable one being a large cut along his lower back. Additionally, Marius doesn't cast a shadow for some strange reason.

Despite his intimidating size and stature, Marius is usually seen with a sardonic grin on his face and his general attitude matches this facial expression. Commonly sarcastic and outright dismissive of people that approach him, those who watch Marius will notice that you can tell how much he liokes a person by how often he laughs in their presence. If irritated or thinking about something, Marius will quite often scratch behind or bellow his ear.

His armour and weapon are quite unique. His sword is a long, slender, guard-less blade with a slight curve, that seems to have a blurred edge as if looking at it causes your eyes to lose focus. Additionally, there is a single word etched in black on the blade, presumably this Draconic word is the name of the sword. His armour is no less ornate, this Mithral armour seems darker than it should be and is covered in blade like embossments, the design, much like that of his sword is quite foreign.