When Gordon was a child his mother was diagnosed with acute schizophrenia.  He vowed, as only a child can, to cure his mother.  Through the years he devoured psychological medication.  In graduate school, he became a little more reverent in his studies, not only because his mother was deteriorating, but also he was fearful that he may developing the same symptoms (it does run if families).  He started exploring 'alternative' approaches.  After years of study, which included finishing his doctorate, his medical rotation, run ins with the White Counsel (some good. some bad), learning from interesting 'teachers', and travel to odd locations, he realized that his mother was not truly schizophrenic but that she had the gift of the Third Eye.  Unfortunately she could not control it.  With this new knowledge he 'treated' her and, once she learned to close her Third Eye (with his help), she could be sane.  The downside was that after years of unregulated use of the Third Eye did damage her psyche so she NOW did have some truly schizophrenic symptoms.  But those are easily treated with more traditional means.  He also learned that while serving others (his mother) he found himself and grew into his own power.  Taking this lesson to heart, he continues to serve others.

Gordon is currently operating out of his private practice in Seattle.  His clients are quite eclectic as some of them are seeking his help for issues other than psychological.

Gordon almost always dresses professionally with at least a sports jacket and button up shirt.  He also wears two larger but not ostentatious rings.  If he is out of his office, he usually carries a black leather messenger bag.  His shoes, while stylish, or usually more for comfort and function.  He has learned the hard way that one should always wear shoes that you can run in.