The smell of brimstone follows Horilius everywhere he goes and leaves, his skin is slightly leatherish to the touch. Yet not really thick enough to give him any extra benefit. Well. Some elements have a harder time to sizzle the flesh. Still, the cons outweighed the benefits quite a few times when the scent emanating from his skin made folk uneasy. Reminding them of daemons and devils. However, he tried to persuade those around him. There always were some who looked not beyond his skin and smell, but only what their eyes saw. And that was .. a fiend ..

the pupils of Horilius' eyes are completely white. Adding to the sensation something must be horribly wrong with the man. His hair as black as a raven. His skin, luckily but only slightly darker than a 'normal' caucasian humanoid.

Horilius only visible carries 2 weapons, on his right a whip and on his left a short sword. He doesn't seem to be wearing anything fancy. Just some light leather armor underneath his regular clothes.

Al-in-al, the man is looking for someone .. some others heroics and or, perhaps vile deeds to sing songs about. Are you perhaps the source of his inspiration ?