Many might, rightfully, describe the sight of Swaco as a "Pocket Dragon".
Standing on four legs, this scaly creature has a shoulder height of one and a
half feet, or 18 inches, or 46 centimeters. From the tip of her nose to her
rear she measures three feet, or 90 centimeters, with roughly two more feet
of tail extending backwards. A pair of wings with a leathery membrane sprout
from her front shoulders, though upon closer inspection one could see that the
wings were in fact spectral and not made of flesh and bones.

Her entire body is covered with white scales. Instead of hair, she has two
horns growing out the back of her head. Swaco's eyes are purple and have the
characteristic draconic slit-pupil. Despite the reptile's lack of gender
dimorphism, Swaco's voice has a soft feminine touch to it. And if one was to
look underneath her tail, one would find a little slit between she soft scales
and behind it, further towards the tail, a little tailhole.

Both her fore- and rearlegs have small claws on them, but they are too small
and too blunt to actually be used as a weapon. Her jaws too are filled with
the sharp teeth of a carnivore, but they are too small to be used as a weapon

Regarding clothings, she most times wears little to nothing. In fact, most of
the time the only "clothing" that can be found on her, is a belt with multiple
poaches of various size, filled with small things like coins, or slightly bigger
things like a waterskin or some dried or shock-frosted meat or berries.