Obviously not dainty Armegliel is a fearsome looking woman despite only being 5'8". Her small frame is muscular, her skin rough with numerous scars, concentrated on her shins and forearms, mostly tiny except for a few claw marks where some forgotten beast obviously got a solid hit on her in some long past fight. She wears a dingy short tunic dress which has long since surrendered any color it had been given to the sun, and now was a mottled mix is grey, green and reddish brown as various stains compete for the thin fabric. She'd belted it with a frayed bit of rope from which a shepherd's sling hung. She hadn't any shoes. Her curled brown mane was surprisingly well kept given the state of the rest of her. She obviously washed herself in water when the opportunity presented itself even if she seemed too wild to understand what soap was. She carried a long leaf-bladed spear without wings, that looked to be a simple elvish design, but otherwise unremarkable.