Fennet, or Fen as most know him, is the less approachable half of the Brigden Twins. Fen and Seanna rarely speak about their past, usually mentioning only that they're from a village that's not there anymore. Questions about how they came to the school are usually answered with a shrug and vague mentions about meeting a witcher on the road.

What has become abundantly clear is that wherever Fen came from, he knows how to fight. He took to both signs and alchemy naturally and seems to have an affinity with most forms of violence. Combined with his awkward manner with people, quite a few find the young man more than slightly suspicious. His fascintaion with poisons and venoms does nothing to help matters, nor does his seeming lack of any sense of honor or morals.

Originally arriving at Kear Marter with the Wolves of Fools gold, Fennet and Seanna were taken into the Cat school at Bastians behest and adopted by his Claws group. The Twins have been with the CLaws since.