Bodil de Versing
Bodil is now a witcher from the Cat School.

(Claws and Master Bastian is her closest)

Brave and  loyal to the bones. The School is her home, and she loves it as if it were her only home.
She is subborn, but cheerfull - especially with alcohol intact.

Bodil is known to be a daughter from the noble house 'De Versing' , but the thruth is a bit more complicated than that.
Master Jana is Bodils reason for becoming a witcher in the first place. She was told she was her surprise child. . .

But Bodil is actually from Pontar, and she lost her family (the whole village also) after a brutal elven rebellion attack.
Peaceful men, women and children died brutally that day, and Bodil can still remember the laughter the elves planted on her mind.
She can never forget or forgive what happened. Her hate towards the elves grew stronger after the trial of grasses. . . the mutagens made whatever hate she had in her - grow stronger.
But her love for wine also grew stronger. She will drink you under the table any day.

Besides that. Bodil is strong, brave and stupid at times.
No matter what, she knows her new place in life. Her old life is gone, and she belongs to the Cat School now, and she will do what she can to be a good Witcher.
-That is her main purpose in life.