Description: Corian is a tall, handsome man with chiseled and solemn features framed by long dark hair. His bearing and clothing typically mark him as someone of high learning or a high birth, sometimes both. Corian is typically dressed in long, flowing robes of high quality that compliment his broad shoulders and lean frame. When traveling abroad he also wears a hooded cloak, shrouding his face in shadow. A quarterstaff made from polished Darkwood is either held in a hand or tied at his back; a clear azure jewel nestles at the top crook of the staff, nearly hidden from view when the staff is turned sideways.  A travel bag and belt pouch store Corian's personal equipment as well as other items of note.

Personality: Appearing aloof and secretive to an outsider, Corian usually does not attempt to dissuade the aura of mystery that permeates him. The way he carries himself make him appear to be someone used to getting what he wants, one way or another. The privilege of studying under a learned master since a young age have ensured he is well read and knowledgeable about many different things, a fact he sometimes does not shy from sharing.

Character Traits:
Corian is given to deep thinking, preferring his own company or those of his books rather than socializing or making merry with other people.  Although he tends to listen more than speak, when he does voice his thoughts he is found to have a speech that is both eloquent as well as intelligent, with a wisdom far beyond his years.

Character Flaws: Being secretive and and quiet can make Corian appear broody, perhaps even foreboding, though among boon companions he relaxes and opens up. He does have a streak of jealousy however, when it comes to hoarding knowledge others have not gleaned, be it of an ancient spell, an obscure piece of lore, or something else he feels gives him an edge over those who do not know of it.

Background: Corian was born in a small, backwater town many years ago, far from any large city or other place of note. He would likely have grown to become a farmer like his parents, but fate decreed him to be chosen by an old mage to become his apprentice, after impressing the old man with his intelligence and desire to learn. Corian proved to be an apt pupil, and enjoyed the wonders of both magic as well as the wide open world outside the little one he had left behind. He also grew from an earnest boy into a confident, yet secretive young man, who jealously guarded his magical knowledge and always hungered to learn more. When the old man passed away, Corian took up his master's staff and what meager belongings he had saved, and set off onto the path to adventure, exploration and knowledge of the unknown.