Alessandra de Tylmarande
Description: A tall pale skinned and physically fit young half elf woman with long blonde hair and deep dark eyes, who carries herself with a noble bearing and determination. She wears a obviously new and well polished chianmail hauberk that she still seems a bit uncomfortable in, under it she wears a equally new cloth gambeson and light under clothes while over it she wears a cloth tabard in the colors of House de Tylmarande. With a equally new and well polished longsword at her hip and a heavy kite shield slung across her back, with the colors of her house painted on. Her boots bear the silver spurs of a knight.

Personality: Raised on a thousand tales of heroes, knights, and monsters; many of whom where her ancestors, shaped a young Alessandra's view of the world. She is idealistic, naive, deeply faithful, and absolutely determined to live up to both the stories she grew up reading and her family's own legacy.

Character Traits: Alessandra is obsessed with stories of heroes and knights on their adventures to a very strong degree and she always attempt to live up to their high ideals and compare herself to them. Despite that or maybe possibly because of it, she also takes her family's traditional service to Tyr and Neverwinter extremely seriously.

Character Flaws: Because of her obsession and inexperience this young paladin will often rush headlong into situations simply assuming that they will win because they are the 'heroes' of a brand new story being told. As well Alessandra is quick to anger when other bring up the failings or evils of some of her ancestors, she is very defensive of her family's honour.

Background: Alessandra comes from one of the many noble families that has called Neverwinter home over the generations and her noble house has the honour of having remained in Neverwinter fighting to keep it alive through all its troubles over the generations. Service to the city has been breed into Alessandra's blood just as heavily as adventuring has, the original de Tylmarande fortune having been won as adventurers in the first place a reinforced by successive generations. Although the families prestige has been greatly diminished in recent generations by the fall of one of its prominent daughters and its entanglement in the vicious politicking over Neverwinter's throne.

This is why young Alessandra is leaving the city for a life of adventure for a time, she grew up idealizing her adventurer ancestors and deeply devoted to the families patron diety Tyr, the God of Justice. As she grew older her interest in stories chivalric knights and her heroic ancestors grew into an obsession which her loving parents almost certainly indulged far to much, until it became an all consuming passion. As she grew into full womanhood it became obvious that she was temperamentally unsuited for the politics of the city or business of running a noble estate. So her family allowed her to follow the path of some of her ancestors and become a Paladin of Tyr and a Knight in the service of Neverwinter. Now all she needs is a quest.