Ausk the 'Erudite'
Description: Ausk is a towering wall of a man with two tusks protruding from his lower jaw. He wears a small brass earring and keeps his black hair pulled back into a short warrior's tail. His dark green skin is marked with countless scars. Despite his fearsome appearance, Ausk smiles more than not and seems generally at ease when not frothing with battle rage.

Personality: Basically, Ausk is a charismatic, mostly good-natured barbarian. Think 1980s Hulk Hogan, but with tusks and a battleaxe. Make sure you ask him why he's nicknamed "Erudite."

Character Traits: Ausk is curious of the world around him and loves to hear a good tale, especially about parts of the world he's never visited. He's tolerant of a lot, including insults or pranks directed at himself, but will not stand for exploitation of the helpless when he sees it.

Character Flaws: Ausk is loud, brusque, and will plainly say whatever comes into his mind. Due to his upbringing in captivity, he tends to be fairly gullible and often misinterprets social situations, especially when dealing with people above his station.

Background: Born into slavery, Ausk was given over to the Hillsfar Arena after his mother was caught escaping from their master. The young half-orc channeled his rage and fearsome appearance into learning the martial arts. At first, he fought with the reckless abandon expected of a half-breed, but over the course of his life as a gladiator, Ausk developed a knack for theatrics. He became a pivotal part of the reenactments of mythology and historical battles central to many of Hillsfar's festivals or visits from noble dignitaries, always playing the role of the monster or villain. After two decades of enslavement to the Hillsfar Arena, Ausk won his freedom during the final battle of games held in honor of the arena's 100th anniversary. Having lived nearly all his life within the confines of the city, Ausk endeavors to see as much of the world as he can, funding his wandering by plying the only trade he's ever known.

Neverwinter is just another stop on Ausk's tour of the realm. Short on coin after losing at Three-Dragon Ante a few too many times, Ausk sees the posting as an opportunity to fill his coin purse.