Kithrie 'Foxwhisper' Fabberk
Description: As far as Gnomes go, Kithrie is what most outsiders would expect: Around three feet tall, thin and wiry, and almost childlike by the standards of humans, although few human children have taut musculature...or dark silver hair.  Her skin is a brownish-grey colour, eyes a light grey.  As well, few human children have voices as deep as she does.

Personality: How to describe Miss Fabberk?  Well, she's chatty and upbeat, and has a sense of humour with just a little bit of darkness to it.  She believes in treating (more or less) everybody equally, and not just her own people.

Character Traits: Kithrie is an innovative gal, and enjoys challenging herself.  She is also halfway decent at "reading others", it's just a matter of whether or not she wants to act on what she reads!

Character Flaws: For all her passion and drive, Kithrie does not know when to quit when she sets her sights on a goal, and rivals even the most bull-headed of humans in that regard.  She is far longer-lived, though.  If you want to be frightened by a Gnome who is not an illusionist, get under the skin of Kithrie "Foxwhisper" Fabberk, and allow her to pursue you.
She is also far too willing to throw mercy to the side where Goblinoids are involved, and may or may not single Kobolds out in battles.

Background: When you ask about her past enough times, you are able to put together that KITHRIE was a daughter of two well-off artisans, and was liked enough by one of Garl Glittergold's Glitterbrights that she spent a good part of her formative years under their guidance.  Her curiosity after swearing oaths to serve the Priceless Gem eventually saw her seeking to emulate his adventures, and wandering far from her home in the Western Heartlands.

When a caravan was headed to Neverwinter from Berdusk, she offered to serve as a guard in exchange for passage.  The Jewel of the North boasted artisans and craftsmen that even her parents and their colleagues spoke highly of!  That, and she figured that if she played her cards right, she would be able to learn a thing or two from them.  This was put to the side when she heard of four travellers who went missing, for while sating one's curiosity brings one type of satisfaction, making sure that others are not dead - or at least that their loved ones are given closure as to their fates - brings a far greater one.