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Lord Randal Mourn

Lord Randal Mourn cuts a striking figure even after these years, with hair slight peppered with white. His eyes are a striking blue and he seems to be both kind and warm when dealing with others. The issue with the drow have the man less than pleased with the situation.

A lean man clad in leather armor and at his side ever present is the Sword of the Dales. While he is single is also known that he might be looking to marry due to nobility needing to continue their linage. Still, Randal has not found who he is looking for.

Basic Info
Race:HumanHeight: 6'1"Skin: lightly tan
Gender:MaleWeight: 131Hand: Right
Alignment: CGHair: dark brown.Age: 40's
Deity: TymoraEyes: blueRegion: Daggerdale
Current Status Alive Occupation: Lord of Daggerdale