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Melavar Nighthaunt

Basic Info
Race:Elven (Half Fiend)Height: 5'11"Skin: alabaster
Gender:MaleWeight: 125Hand: ambidexterity
Alignment: NHair: BlackAge: 165
Deity: Red KnightEyes: silverRegion: Daggerdale
Current Status Alive Occupation: Captain of the Guard

The child of a moon elf and a named demon which one ? Even he's not sure. As he lost his mother in childbirth and was raised by a old ranger who lived in Daggerdale. Whom was once a man who ran the militia. Winning the trust and friendship of the young lord when he helped rescue him from the Spiderhaunt Woods.

Melavar is a quiet young man he traveled with a group of adventurers, that were recruited by Elminster and his scribe to find the missing Lord of Daggerdale. This is his claim to fame, granted the title of Lord though Melavar simple goes by his name or Captain.

Melavar is the Captain of the Watch. Though he tends to use his alterself ability to appear simply as a young elven man.

No matter the form Melavar is stunningly good looking, with shiny black hair, alabaster skin and bright silver eyes. He wears mithril chain mail and carries the blade Mistcleave. A long sword with a silver hilt, and the blade seems to reflect silvery as well, though if you peer at it long enough there seems to be mist within the blade.