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Avanaste Mirrorstar

Basic Info
Race:Sun ElvenHeight:6'"Skin: ruddy
Gender:MaleWeight: 138Hand: left
Alignment: NHair: BlondeAge: 180
Deity: SilvanasEyes: silverRegion: Semberholme
Current Status Alive Occupation: Adventurer

The twin brother of Annestria Mirrorstar, Avanaste is tall and imposing, and powerfully built. He is dressed in stylized leaf armor and wields a long curved blade. At his side is a kooshie ( elven dog) that often scouts with him into the wilds and helps track prey.

A jovial soul that is often given to admiring his surroundings. he is a steadfast friend and gives to shifting form to fight in combat, using his knowledge of other forms to his best advantage.  He is a steadfast foe against those who oppress others make the lives of the goodly hard.

He has a special dislike for drow but has not discussed it with anyone even his twin sister.