Guan Bao


Naturally calm and polite raised among a people where family honor and personal honor are of great importance. He is bold and inquisitive, kind without being a pushover. He is well versed and equally well-spoken often using his natural charm and charisma to reach people and his own good moral compass to keep himself on the strait and narrow. However, he is not the type to preach to others, he directs his life by leading by example. He is neither pompous nor full of himself he does not allow his status or position to go to his head.

Bao is a Paladin of the Goddess of the Sun Shizuru. He wears a chain with a katana in front of the sun. His blade is well made and from another era. He tends to it often and anyone who's been in his company for an extended period of time knows he does not pull a blade unless he intends to kill something, it is not returned to the sheath until it is blooded.


HeightWeightHair ColorEye ColorRaceDistinguishing Features
6'142lbsEbony with blue highlightsVioletAasamirSlightly pointed ear, and eye teeth


Guan Bao comes from Tian Xia and lived there until he was about ten he served his father as an apprentice until his untimely death at the hands of a Death Knight which began the young man's great dislike for undead. His stepfather is a half-elf named Yuralith who took and he and his mother from their home and they moved to a small village where Yuralith is the Captain of the Guard.

Bao once reaching the age of adventure chose the path of his father that of a traveling Paladin. He joined and served in a Caravan for the entirety of his trip to Waiti.