Zenya Alderfayne
Zenya is an impressively tall woman, even amongst the Ulfen, known for their physical stature. Her mismatched eyes and regal bearing always made her slightly different than her peers, and her skin was always a few shades more bronze than the pale northern hue. She always preferred to let her long blonde hair hang loose, finding complicated braids too much of a bother to deal with. She has a lean athleticism, but not the well-muscled physique of a raider or a sailor. In fact, she is rather on the skinny side for her height.
Her slightly angular features give a somewhat regal air, her skin smooth and unmarred by the tough life she tended to avoid in her youth. The mismatched color of her eyes and permanently distracted look in them make her seem a bit distant at times. People skills were never her thing, her mind usually on some ancient ruin or pondering a solution to a problem.

Zenya was born to an Ulfen tribe in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Her paternal grandfather was Osiriani, a land far from the North. She didn't quite fit in, never quite as strong or quick to fight as her tribesmen, preferring to spend her time in books about distant lands, especially the strange desert her ancestor came from. Her grandfather always claimed they were descended from the pharaohs of old, but he was generally seen as a bit of a nutter. Nobody believed him, including Zenya, until she had a vision in her early 20s. Unknown to any but perhaps her father, her mother wasn't her true mother, switched at birth by a winter hag. Zenya herself believed the physical changes from coming of age related to her newly discovered powers from her father's side.

It was vague and hard to figure out, but it led her to believe her crazy old grandpa was actually right. It was also when she started to manifest psychic power, awakening something in her blood that called out to her from the deserts far away. So she decided to follow them, leaving home and slowly making her way down along the coast. Eventually she caught a ship, taking her all the way to Sothis, the capital of Osirion. She spent quite some time there, studying as much as she could, going through libraries to try to learn what she could of her vision, or at least maybe find some proof of her bloodline. She didn't find much, but what she did find seemed to point to the city of Wati, further up the river Sphinx from the capital. So she made her way there, and managed to find herself a group of adventurers who were looking to join the expeditions into the ruins of the city.