Affellys Amalamrae
Affellys Amalamrae, commonly known as Fliss


Fliss is a young high-elven sorceress, more focused on self-protection and information-gaining magic than pyrotechnics. She's slightly short for an elf at 5'8", with a typical slender elven build. She has pale skin, dark-gold eyes, and long dark brown hair; she wears her hair loose and free-flowing, even untidy, unless she has to tie it back for safety. It can sometimes cover her pointed ears, though this isn't deliberate.

She doesn't dress in the typical robes of a sorceress. Since she's had the usual elven martial training in swords and bows, she wears practical explorer's clothes of soft leather (cut to flatter, since she's a bit vain) and carries a longbow and longsword.


Affellys grew up in Iadara in the elven kingdom of Kyonin. Both her parents were wizards, so it was assumed she'd follow in the 'family business'. But the arcane energies she'd been exposed to left their mark, and she was naturally magical - a sorceress.

Growing up was frustrating: she enjoyed studying history, but lessons in arcane wizardry were boring without the need to master magical spells. She got a reputation for talking back to her parents and tutors, and occasionally running off to the trading city of Greengold, full of those weird, fascinating, short-lived humans.

She took the first opportunity she could to leave, and began exploring old ruins. Relying on her wits alone was exhilarating. She headed for the Inner Sea, exploring ruins in Taldor, Qadira, and finally Osirion.

Humans tended to shorten her name to 'Fliss'; Affellys finds that cute, and often goes by the shortened version except around other elves.