Seledra al Saif

Seledra is half elven. She is tall and well made, with long flaxen hair that she wears in a variety of styles according to her mood. She is pale of skin with eyes as blue as the sea. When she travels or is expecting trouble she wears leather armor and carries weapons like any warrior, but when she is relaxed, she wears long dresses and jewelry to enhance her handsome looks. When she sings, her eyes shine and her voice is like liquid gold, filling her audience with desires and fancies for faraway places and the ages of long ago. She is fun-loving and very competitive, especially in physical sports with men her own age. She laughs a lot but sometimes in the evening by the fire she gets a sad, far away look in her eyes and sings sad songs of lost loves.

She plays the drums and lute, tells wonderful stories, and sings stirring songs. She can fight with a short sword, throw an ax, and wears leather armor. She is very good at the insult game. Also very athletic -- she can run fast and can jump high.