Zuren is a bright and skillful assassin. His over-green eyes is often the last thing his preys see before its too late. The next moment they feel his dagger going straight through their bones and piercing their heart or their lungs. A disturbing wide grin usually follow this moment. A sharp and long tooth limit this smile on both sides but the prey doesnt see that... usually.
A month ago, he tried to make a deal with a shady merchant. After this one refused to sell the usual poison which Zuren needed for his next contract, Zuren overreacted a bit. After plunging his dagger in the merchant heart, he didnt see the usual look of fear and smell of death. His new "prey" was looking at him straight in the eyes, with a glint he wasnt used to see in the eyes of the dead. Which was exactly the problem, he wasnt dead... nor was he alive. That's was the first time Zuren was against an alchemist. This was smiled then yelled "Guard!!! then he threw himself on the floor.
The rest of his story starts here...