Standing 3'4" tall, this curious, androgynous creature piques the interest of all it passes, drawing a spectrum of reactions from enthusiastic curiosity to disdain, contempt, revulsion, and fear alike.  Its skin is of a bluish gray pallor, its eyes a sickly yellow that bulge slightly beyond their sockets.  Disturbingly, no pupils or iris can be discerned, so when gazing directly into its eyes, or speaking with it, the unsettling feeling of speaking to a mask comes over the other person, as it seems to look through, just as much as at, the other person.  Despite this, there is an undeniable allure, and once engaged, all but the most reclusive find it hard to deny this creature's alluring, almost mesmerizing charm.  As for its name, upon introductions, it frequently changes.  For what's in a name, anyway?  They frequently only serve to hold dynamic individuals tied down to false consistencies.