Torin is a strapping young man, just beginning his twenty third year.  He was orphaned over a harsh winter, and raised in the temple of Kamaria.  he grew up in the supplicant's robes, barefoot, wearing the heavy anklet that reminded him of his duty to the Goddess.  For the brothers and sisters at his temple he was like a young work horse.  He could lift, carry, and labor as long as there was need.

This labour caused him to grow broad and strong.  He has wide shoulders powerful arms and legs, and he dedicates the labours his body could produce to his Goddess as a love offering.  He grew into a sweet, hard working young man with a mop of dirty blonde hair on his head, and despite having clearly attained manhood, he still has a bit of a baby face.

Upon reaching the age where the temple was ready to turn him out to find his fortune, he could not bear the thought of leaving his Goddess's home.  He took the vows of poverty, chastity, and service and became one of her holy paladins.  He wears the white armor of her watchful eye as a light in dark places.

Despite his rank, when spending time in temples he often prefers to wear the simple robes of a supplicant, to be barefoot as his goddess is and to offer again the fruits of his labor and the sweet sweat of his brow.