Xev is a Corellian Jedi Sentinel, born an bred on the Gold Coast.  Xev is almost thirty, handsome, with a winning smile and tan that speaks volumes for how much time he spends on a beach somewhere.  He is brash, reckless, and charming, as well as being one of the best pilots the Jedi order has ever seen.

He was found when he was young, trained on Corellia, and learned the ways of the force as well as the ways of his people.   While he follows the code, there are those who felt his daring nature came far to close to passion that could corrupt him.  He is at home on a speeder, in a fighter, or a tramp freighter, and does what he can to get the most dangerous assignments, followed by anything on a beach.  He likes to soak in the sun.

He's tall, with a compactly muscled frame.  Strong arms, a tight core, and good legs like a dancer.  He has blue eyes and usually has a bit of stubble, sometimes a beard, though he also has been known to shave when meeting important ladies he finds attractive.  He usually wears an armored flight suit in the field, though when not expecting trouble tends to wear nothing but a loose pair of shorts.


Average with a lightsaber, a practitioner of Soresu, so he has a strong defense.  His blade is a pale, clear blue that highlights his eyes.

He is Charming and Physically attractive.

He is Physically of above average strength, though not much.

He can use some telekinesis, though he is better at reading minds, and feeling the flow of the living force, leading him on safe paths through danger.