Andors was in his thirties, dark haired, dark complected, and with a dark past.  Three years ago, on the night of the full moon something killed his wife and child while he was out hunting.  His farm was destroyed, and he was left a broken man.

People whispered that he had the devil in him, that he had been the one to kill his family.  It was more than he could bear.

He left for the woods, returning infrequently when the town needed help, or to sell the furs from the animals he killed.  He was on a mission, however, tracking and hunting the thing that killed his family.

Several months ago, he found it.  It was a giant, a beast of claw and tooth and fur.  They had battled, and in the end, Andors won, a Silver arrow to it's heart ending the beast's life.  He had wanted it's pelt, but before he could skin the beast, it began melting into a man.  Given that he was already suspected of killing his family, this would be the noose for him.  So he went deep into the woods for months until returning only recently with a need for supplies on the eve of the anniversary of his family's murder.

He is tall, strong, calloused, and built for hunting as any man could be.  His powerful arms let him use a bow with amazing precision.  He has dark hair, bright blue eyes, weathered and tanned skin, well defined muscles, and a huge set of scars from the beast.  It almost ripped him open from neck to manhood.