Gregory Edwards is a 39 year old member of the ancient organization known as the Watchers.  He has been sent by the council to Bath looking for a slayer who has just awakened to her powers.  He is skilled in the mystic arts, capable in hand to hand combat, as well as several of the weapons a slayer will need.

He's been brought in from America, and is a bit of a fish out of water.  He had a slayer before.  Five years ago, she died under his watch.  The council looked into it, and he was ruled to not have been at fault, but he blamed himself for being to distant to be an effective teacher.

His hair is starting to grey, his blue eyes have definitely seen some things he wishes he hadn't, but he is still fit and capable of fighting evil on his own.  He dresses in bespoke suits, and loafers when not gearing up for a fight.