Enanrihn Arrowrider
Enenrihn Arrowrider is fairly typical for a High Elf.  He has long, luxurious blond hair that is soft and silken.  His eyebrows are long and delicate.  His facial features are thin and elegant, almost womanly by the standards of the non-elven races.  His pale blue eyes were striking, like a winter sky.

His body was long and lean and tightly muscled.  His limbs were thin, delicate, but powerful.  he had a flat chest, a flat stomach, but nice hips and a pert little buttocks.  His thighs were strong, well built, and firm.  Between them hung a rather nice example of the male elven member.  It was smooth and hairless as the rest of his body, and while quite small while flaccid, it was rather impressive when his passions stirred.

He dresses in typical traveling leathers, and a fine cloak of forest green.  He was a natural explorer, always ready for a ranging adventure with his trusty bow, a short sword on his hip, and bag over his shoulder with his traveling supplies.