Alex Markof
Alex Markof is one of Human Kind's first FTL pilots.  He is part of the Outward Bound Project, a mission to send four ships out in search of life, habitable worlds, and resources in the galaxy.  He's the oldest pilot at forty two years of age, though he is fit, despite his greying hair and slowing reflexes.  He has the longest career of any of the pilots stretching back to having flown the Lunar colonization missions and the first 'Boots and Flags' mission to Mars.

He is fit, though built with a compact frame of muscles to fit in the cockpit better.  He has steel grey hair with blue eyes, and an easy smile.  His compression suit is made of an advanced carbon composite, laced with nano technology that lets it repair itself like a plant would grow, as well as taking solar energy and processing his breathing gasses in a form of photosynthesis.

Under the suit, he has some nasty scars from some of his misadventures in pioneering space flight.  He has burns over his back, and a scar on his left thigh from where he didn't so much walk away from a landing as he did crawl.