Rhonwen Bowman
Rhonwen "Ronnie" Bowman

Age: 24

Appearance: Rhonwen is tall and lanky, but moves with a certain sophisticationólearned, no doubt, from years of waiting tables at clubs and casinos. Much to her mother's displeasure, she decided to chop off her long, dark hair in favour of a daring bob. Even more to her family's distress, she has fully embraced flapper culture, dressing as she pleases, staying out as late as she wishes and generally asserting her independence.

History: Rhonwen's mother, Gwenllian, was a talented Welsh harpist who met the rich Desmond Bowman at one of her concerts in New York, when he was conveniently between wives. Although the marriage lasted only a few years, it ended amicably, and Gwenllian and her daughter remained in Boston, close to Desmond. He was not always the most attentive father, but he doted on little "Ronnie", as he called her, and tended to spoil her.

Flirting with the idea of a traditional education, Rhonwen attended Radcliffe College, where she studied classics and demonstrated an affinity for languages, in large part due to all the family travel over the years. But she left after two years, having caught the 'acting bug', as her mother derisively called it. Family connections helped a little bit, but Ronnie was left waiting tables and transporting high-priced drinks for a few years, before she finally got a steady gig singing at one of the better clubs in the city. It wasn't what she really wanted, but she had high hopes that it would lead to something big.