Wide eyes at the wonders of the world- that sums up Uli pretty much. He was always an energetic, outgoing boy, quick to join the hunt, only to stop it mid-way just to gaze at a huge tree or a crashing waterfall or even just a nice-looking rock. And he likes rocks of all kinds, gathering pretty ones and trying to always make stuff out of them. His curiosity, though, often gets him into trouble, especially with older hunters who consider the dreamy-eyed hunter a liability to the tribe. He is a kind man, however, and loves his two boys more than he loves his life.

With broad shoulders and plenty of muscles as is typical for an accomplished hunter, one cannot mistake Uli for anything else but a hunter of the tribe. Long black hair woven with vines into braids to keep it from his face, and a thick beard belie his youth. He is dressed in thick furs and leathers of the animals he's slain personally, adorned with small pieces of bone and flint. His skin is a brownish tan, a shade lighter than most cro-magnon, and his eyes are so dark that they are almost black. But his teeth are not too crooked and still mostly there, and his smile is warm.