Name: Reena
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Specialty (hunter, knapper, beadmaker, carver, etc.): Carver, woodworker
Ethnicity (Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal or Stranger): Cro-Magnon

Personality: Reena is difficult to describe. When she is carving or otherwise working with her hands, she's calm and intent on her job. When she's doing anything else, she's talkative, outgoing, caring and eager to please. Indeed, her desire to help often makes people want to tie her up and stick her in a corner somewhere. A dark corner. Deep in the cave.


History up to this point (at least one good paragraph): Reena grew up in a loving three-parent environment. Her father is the tribe's shaman and also a good hunter, as well as a brilliant carver. He mated two sisters who didn't want to be parted since, with his talents, he could afford to provide for them. Both women also hunted and were dancers in a troupe that got together at large celebrations. Reena has two full brothers and a hearth-sister and hearth-brother out of her mother's sister. It was a large but happy family.

Two years ago, in the autumn, Reena's mother had fallen into a leaf-covered crevasse and broke her leg. Infection set in soon after and she died within the moon. Her mother's sister has tried to fill her shoes but things just weren't the same. She asked her father for permission to move in with her older brothers. He gave her permission reluctantly. It is demanding taking care of her three wild and wooly brothers but she just can't go back to her father's hearth.