Genny Hawkins
Name: Genny Hawkins
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Specialty (hunter, knapper, beadmaker, carver, etc.): Farmer
Ethnicity (Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal or Stranger): Stranger

Personality: Genny Is a good natured and hard working woman.  Her family has owned their farm in Graham county (KS) ever since 1877 and they are proud of their exoduster roots.  She doesn't see farming as a dead end existence but a vital part of the economy.  While she's had a string of bad luck as far as relationships go, she is still looking for a good man to marry.

Description: Genny stands 5'5" tall with a muscular build; she may be short, but she can toss bales with the best of them.  Her nutmeg skin and warm brown eyes, and wild curly brunette hair lend a certain puckish look to her heart shaped face and button nose.  She dresses practically- jeans, boots and t-shirts.

History up to this point (at least one good paragraph): Genny was born on the Hawkins' farm, located between Nicodemus and Bogue, to James and Sandy Hawkins.  She has two younger sisters.  They share the farm with her dad's two brothers, Gyles and Mark, and Gyle's family.  The three brothers sometimes butt heads on how to run the farm, but heaven help anyone that tries to hurt any member of the Hawkins clan.

Because they were so close in age (born only 3 months apart), Genny and her cousin Doug have always done things together.  Whether its learning to swim in the South Fork Solomon River or catching frogs for a frog jumping contest, the two of them worked together to solve any problems in their way.  So it was no surprise to anyone that they would work together for their high school 4H project.  They decided that the old and disused pig barn could be turned into a tilapia farm.  By the time they have finished working out what they'd need, it had blossomed into a full aquaponics set-up with various vegetables being grown in waist-high beds arranged around the building with the inside dedicated to the three main stages of a tilapia's life as well as the water maintenance hardware.  The rest of the family joked about "going fishing down at the sowing shed", but they were also proud as heck when the pair of them won first place for the project.  And they all enjoyed having the fresh fish and everyone took part in maintaining the system, especially when Doug and Genny went off to college.  Doug got his degree in Farm Management while Genny got hers in Agricultural Economics.  Back on the farm four years later, they both settled into their new more specialized jobs on the farm, with Genny thinking ahead about their aquaponics and seriously considering buying some land off of old man Appleton so that she could expand the operation.