Name: Broc
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Specialty (hunter, knapper, beadmaker, carver, etc.): Hunter, flint knapper
Ethnicity (Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal or Stranger): Neanderthal

Personality: Stern. That's the best word to use for Broc. But he has to be to keep the respect and obedience of his tribe. He is also traditional and does not like change. He is a fair man, though, and tries to be as open-minded as it is possible for him to get.

Description: Stocky with powerful muscles everywhere. Dark brown hair and eyes. Considered handsome for his people.

History up to this point (at least one good paragraph): Broc knew from an early age that unless he had serious personality defects, he would be their tribe's next Leader. Roles in the Odar tribes descend from a man to the son(s) of his mate. The man of his hearth was Leader so Broc knew he would be, too. This put tremendous pressure on him growing up. He absorbed all he could from the men around him on all the things men needed to know. That kind of intensity paid off. He became a skilled and relentless hunter and is also a very good flint knapper although he makes no claim to mastery of the craft.

Broc became a man at age 11 with the clean kill of chamois. He gave the hide to his mother who nearly burst with pride in her older son. The meat was distributed to the tribe. The next summer he began making subtle hints to his mother's mate about taking a mate for himself. Groove let him stew for awhile then gave him the female he knew Broc wanted most. Uda's totem was defeated almost at once and Broc was strutting everywhere. But something went wrong during the delivery and the baby boy died. Uda has not been able to have another child. She has begged Broc to set her aside and take another mate or at least make her a second made but he has not been able to yet. For the good of his tribe, he will gave to but...not yet.