Oriana Corvo
Orinana Corvo                  Race:Tiefling
Skin: Red                  Eyes: slited otherwhys human blue eyes
Hieght: 5ft 9in                   Weight: 140lbs
Hair: Shoulder length, with top layer in a short ponytail, dark with blue highlights.

Oriana has a pair of horns coming out the sides of her head near the back curving back and down, then up. This makes it just possible for her to wear her signature tricorn hat. Wearing an explorer outfit (pants verity) that matches her hat, dark navy blue and forest green. Has a cold iron scimitar with a crow guard-handle-pommel cawing in the direction of the blade.

Probable party knowledge:
Fears: Drowning
Hates: Slavers and Poisoners
Profession/Craft: Cook
Follows creed: Never give a sword to a man who can't dance.
Married to a half-orc guard from a neighboring city (neighboring to her home town), but goes by maiden name.
Physical Tiefling traits: Prehensile tail, (fiendish sprinter):beast like clawed feet.

Dog's name is Gent.
Black and Silver Akita mix.