Winterdale Goldleaf
Winterdale was meant to be trained to become a guarden of the Library.
A great area in elven city of books and study documents.
A place where elven mages come to train.

The only thing was on his first shift he came across interesting book.
It invited him to sit down and read it pages.
An so he read Great Elven book of History.
The sargent of guard and haed libarin where both displeased with him.
However few can read the book and as few will the book allow it page to be read.

So Winterdale training change and he became wizard in servce of the book

The other have ment Winterdale on his many quest for the Book of History.
When the artiace wish to up date it self it sends elves like Winterdale to find out what happening in real world.
As a result sometime Winterdale perception and understanding of time is a little odd.