Professor Harold Worth
Professor Harold Worth, though appearing a little worn around the edges from his years in the field as an Archaeologist in the Near East, exudes an air of calm and scholarly confidence. His deep set eyes are kindly, and his demeanor is generally warm and genial, he would probably be described as almost fatherly or grandfatherly by those under his tutelage.

Having studied several years to acquire his degrees, Back in the 1870s he travelled to Lyons, France, and joined Earnest Chatre over the years in his various explorations of the East, mostly in Asia Minor and North Africa. One particular highlight of his decades of work in the field was his assignment to assist Marcel Auguste Dieulafoy in his escavation work in the fabled biblical city of Susa in Persia. His library is adorned with many books, but he is particularly appreciative of a signed copy of Dieulafoy's L'Art antique de la Persa in five volumes.

In the past year, Worth worked closely with Chatre in the initial diggings at Bogazkoy in Cappadocia, only finally returning a few months back to the University of London, where he decided it was time to settle a little, and continue his work on a more academic basis.