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Uldin Vedius Sarmaticus

Uldin was born on the great and mysterious steppes of the east, and was among the Sarmatian tribes who migrated to the Roman frontier, eventually resulting in both raids on Roman territory and recruitment as mercenaries and auxilia.

Under the reign of Tacitus, Uldin took part in a coup against a Sarmatian king who was an enemy of Rome. The coup failed, but the great Sarmatian king died of his wounds months later. Uldin, driven into exile by the defeat, was unable to claim the throne.

Uldin settled in Byzantium, living off the gold he'd been paid by his Roman benefactors, and claimed Roman citizenship for his 'service' to the Empire. Desperate, he turned to mercenary work and performing in the hippodrome.

His fortunes changed upon meeting Hostus Statius Priscus, governor of Asia. Hostus needed a tutor to whip his delinquent young sons into shape, and took on the fierce Sarmatian as a client. Hostus deliberately cultivated mystiques and legends about the exiled 'king,' and ensured that his sons developed a fierce reputation as a result of their tutelage. Uldin has since tutored many young patricians in the arts of swordsmanship, archery and riding.

Hostus has continued to emphasize his client's reputation as the 'Red King of the Steppes,' and has amassed a small fortune from the fees paid for Uldin's services.