Sir Vaddon of Baverstock

--Personal Information--
Name: Vaddon
Age/Birth Date: 459
Son Number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury
Culture/Religion: Cymric/British Christian
Lord: Earl Rodrick
Current Class: Squire
Current Home: Baverstock

Famous Qualities: Modest 16, Energetic 16
Family Characteristic: Good with Birds
Distinctive Feature: Clean Shaven, Dark Brooding facial expression

Vaddon's earliest memories were when he was 4; he was cold and wet hiding in marshes of Sorestan and Linden. Many of his family and those that followed Sir Gwraid were afraid, and ready to surrender to the King's men. Vaddon asked his father if he was afraid, and he replied, A foolish man does not feel fear, but a brave man accepts fear while still doing that which is right? Each time; the group wanted to quit they looked to his father, and they gained strength to be as relentless as him.

Vaddon knows that he is not yet the man his father was, but he strives to one day be worthy of the life that his father gave him. His father survived the tyranny of Vortigern, and brought his people to a new place to call home. Vaddon knows his father never forgot Linden, but he chose to make a place where his family could strive.

With the disappearance of his father, Vaddon has anxiously waited for his knighting ceremony. He knows that until his fathers return that he will need to be the rock to those of his clan. He has studied hard to understand the ways of both the high and folk of Salisbury. The responsibility of their Demesne falls on his shoulder not just to lead it in times of battle, but to continue to make Baverstock strive.

Vaddon is a very grounded young adult that has not been corrupted by the wealth of his estate. He is known to speak with respect to all.  He is very proactive in his approach to life. T

Vaddon is a very tall man man standing 6'3, but with all his height he is very lean giving him a gaunt look. He is not ugly, but his dark hair, complexion, and expression makes him seem less approachable. Vaddon is easily recognized from his unique appearance, and the fact that he maintains a clean shaven face.

Holding's Yearly Wealth: 20
Bravestock is located South West, about 4 miles West of the walled city of Wilton, nestled between some hills and along the Nadder River.
-Tenements owned in nearby Wilton (Walled Market Town), provide 2 of rent income per year
-Two mellisariums (or bee-keeping hamlet), provides a yearly check for Energetic and 2 of income per year

Grand Parents
Born: 408 Death: 444
Born: 414 Death: 460

Parents Generation
Gwraid- father
Born: 434 Death: 478
Collwen- mother
Born: 437
Melangell- Paternal Aunt
Born: 436 Death: 451
Oswulf- Melangell's Husband Sorestan Saxon (Middle age Knight)
Born: 434
Owain- Maternal Uncle (Middle age Knight) Never married
Born: 435
Budfannon-Paternal uncle (Middle age Knight) Married/spouse not listed
Born: 440
Cadwell- Maternal uncle (Middle age Knight) Married/spouse not listed
Born: 439

Vaddon's Generation


Young Knights
Ethelwulf- Oswulf son Sorestan Saxon (Young Knight)
Oeric- Oswulf son Sorestan Saxon (Young Knight)
Garym- Owain's Bastard son (Young Knight)
Afan- Budfannon's son (Young Knight)
Hywel- Budfannon's son (Young Knight)
Rhondri- Budfannon's son (Young Knight)
Uren- Cadwell's son (Young Knight)
Lineage men- 17