Sir Leander of Broad
Name: Leander
Class: Squire
Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Aquitaine
Religion: Arian Christian

Famous Qualities: Appearance 19, Honor 17, Just 16, Merciful 16, Valorous 16
Family Characteristic: Remarkably Deductive (+5 Intrigue)
Distinctive Features: Charming Accent, Warm Smile

Tall, but not unusually so, Edward is a rather handsome young man, with a warm smile and exotic accent that people generally can't help but find charming.  These, when combined with his quick wit, often make him a central figure in any sort of gathering, despite his age and relative lack of social position.  Like many Aquitanians, he is known for having a strong sense of justice, mercy, and honor, all something of a rarity in these dark days.