Name: Arvel
Born: 466
Age: 14

2nd son of Sir Dubric, Maternal Cousin of Sir Hywell, Vassal Knight to Duke Ulfius of Silchester
Culture: Cymric, British Christian

Arvel is the son of Sir Dubric, a vassal knight sworn to Duke Ulfius of Silchester. Being the neighbouring county to Salisbury, Silchester and Salisbury have had, throughout the decades, a long history of rivalry, which has been at times both friendly and extremely bloody. Being the economic powerhouse of Logres for the past 100 years, there has been an uneasy detente with the arrival of High King Aurelius Ambrosius. To foster friendship in the past for almost 20 years, numerous families from Salisbury have been given lands in Silchester and vice versa. Sir Dubric, the son of Sir Hywell's aunt, is one of those knights. His son, Arvel, was born in Silchester and although he has wintered a few times at Sir Hywell's estate, he knows little of Salisbury. With his current heir already serving as squire under another knight of Duke Ulfius, finding a place for his second son has proved an issue to Sir Dubric. Having gone along his liege to the royal feast of Sarum, in 480, through his cousin Sir Hywell, Sir Dubric was finally able to find a knight for his second son.

Tall and broad-shouldered, especially for his age, young Arvel hasn't had the time to adjusted to his ungainly gait, making him somewhat clumsy and most definitely ungraceful. Although an apt squire who might one day make a good but blunt warrior, Arvel has been described as slow-witted, even by his own father. He never the less harbours great affection for his family and would never take upon himself to dishonor his family's name.

SIZ 14
STR 13
CON 12

Squire Skill: 14

Knightly Skills:
Awareness 4
Courtesy 4
First Aid 4
Hunting 4
Heraldry: 6
Battle 4
Horsemanship 3
Lance 4
Sword 4

Loyalty (Sir Leander): 16
Love (Family) 19
Hospitality: 13
Honor: 17
Hate (Saxons): 15

Chaste 13/7 Lustful
Energetic 14/6 Lazy
Forgiving 11/9 Vengeful
Generous 13/7 Selfish
Honest 11/9 Deceitful
Just 12/8 Arbitrary
Merciful 10/10 Cruel
Modest 13/7 Proud
Pious 10/10 Worldly
Prudent 11/9 Reckless
Temperate 13/7 Indulgent
Trusting 11/9 Suspicious
Valorous 14/6 Cowardly