Edmundo Ocampo
Name: Edmundo Ocampo
Born: 466
Age: 14

1st Son of Sir Amalaric Ocampo, Vassal Knight to Earl Roderick (Salisbury)
Culture: Occitanian (Urban Roman), Arian Christian

Although Edmundo looks and acts very much like a foreigner in Salisbury, the very truth is that it is entirely an act. Born in Salisbury before his father had yet to be knighted, Edmundo only speaks a few words of Spanish and the accent he sports he simply took from his father and sister. Contrary to the rest of his family, Edmundo did not have the upbringing of a commoner before being raised up by the King and it shows in his manners. He is prideful, boastful and, being the only son of Sir Amalaric Ocampo, a bit of a spoiled brat. An already moderately good looking lad, Edmundo has often played his “exotic” lineage to his advantage, using it to woo both serving girls and handmaidens. Edmundo is a rather unimpressive looking boy when it comes to his stature, with an almost frail physique and weak arms, which don't go very well with the tough guy image he so likes to project. His hot headed temper has already started to cement his reputation and what he might lack in skills he more than makes up with in blind courage.

SIZ 11
CON 10
DEX 12
APP 13

Squire Skill: 14
Knightly Skills:
Awareness 5
Courtesy 5
Read/Write (Latin) 7
First Aid 5
Hunting 5
Battle 5
Horsemanship 5
Lance 5
Sword 5

Loyalty (Sir Vaddon): 16
Love (Family) 14
Hospitality 15
Honor 7

Chaste 13/7 Lustful
Energetic 14/6 Lazy
Forgiving 7/13 Vengeful
Generous 8/12 Selfish
Honest 7/13 Deceitful
Just 7/13 Arbitrary
Merciful 7/13 Cruel
Modest 4/16 Proud
Pious 10/10 Worldly
Prudent 5/15 Reckless
Temperate 10/10 Indulgent
Trusting 10/10 Suspicious
Valorous 15/5 Cowardly