the archer
Yonder is a small, young human female garbed in blue and white, carrying a masterfully carved bow, a rapier, a small metal shield on her wide, sharp hips, and a large owl feather in her pointed, three-cornered hat.
Her skin is pale as one would expect from a cold, northern upbringing away from lands that see frequent sunshine. Her hair is a dark cinnamon red, glossy and shiny as it is pulled into two bound tails to fall down her lithe back. Her eyes are large and expressive, though usually hidden by the point of her blue hat, and glisten with light contrasting big, dark irises. Her thin, smooth, and elegant lips tend to carry a neutral expression. A light smattering of freckles concentrates under her eyes.
A thin, supple leather corset, well oiled and rich brown in color, pushes her soft, sizable bust fetchingly up and together in an eye-catching decolletage; their skin tone even paler, glistening white with a few just-visible clusters of freckles near the crease where the pushed-up roundness meets her very slender chest. The white shirt beneath it and the heavy, four paneled tabard atop it both have tall collars that crowd roguishly around her slim jawline and sharp chin. The tabard, each panel buckled to the other two and ending in diamond points about her thighs, has no sleeves and is mostly open down the front and sides. A pair of belts are slung low on her sharp, wide hips carrying a quiver of arrows and her rapier and buckler. Her trousers are poofy, royal blue and split to show the white insides before tucking into leather boots that rise up her long, slim legs to nicely plush thighs. Her sleeves poof out slightly before tucking into tall, mid-upper arm height leather gloves. The fingers of the gloves are each kept perfectly snug by a polished steel ring.
The prized bow she carries is well oiled and made of beautiful, dark wood that has been carved to look like horns on either end of the carefully wrapped and shaped handle. The arrows she carries are fletched carefully with segments of owl feathers.