Ashtonash Baks
A day he will never forget. His grandmother wanted to see him is all he knew. He sat beside her royal death bed watching her sleep uncomfortably, waiting for her to awaken. The matriarch of their noble family lay there before him frail and fighting for every breath. Not 6 months ago his grandfather has passed away. Ashtonash had been away on court business and did not see him before he had died, something he still regretted. Strangely his grandfather had also asked for him with this final breath. This time he was here and his grandmother has summoned him. After some time she opened her eyes and looked at him with a sadness that pierced his soul. All she said was, "I'm sorry child. We were young ... I was a fool." Then she was gone. Later that night while he slept in the solitude of his private palace chambers a shimmering being that radiated evil haunted his dreams, laughing at him. He awoke terrified at the vivid nature of his dream only to see the being sitting in a chair on the other side of the room. That day so many years ago changed his life forever. He discovered the terrible truth that his grandparents had made a pact with the fiend Maskolalous to secure the status and fortune of their family. That bargain had a price and they had traded the life of their first born grandchild to make it happen. The price for this bargain collectible following both their deaths. So it was his grandmother's death that freed the malicious being to appear and collect on his bargain. So Ashtonash turned his back on his family as the fiend demanded. Living apart from the people he loves to ensure they continue to enjoy the life they are accustomed to. He dungeon runs now and his father is disgusted with his son's choice. Maskolalous of course, delights in that. But Ashtonash knows his family is secure, and that for now is enough.