Oren Yordy
The first thing one would notice when Oren is present is his foul odor. He smells like a truck-load of skunks crashed into a garbage truck that just left the Kardashian's home. The next thing they would notice is his constant gibberish that he mumbles to himself. Finally when they get a good look at him they see a malnourished, short fellow who could be a human, could be a dwarf, but honestly looks like a midget orc who had a skin pigment disorder. He's covered in filth from head to toe and occasionally one can see a mouse scurry around his neck. His eyes are black and lack any sclera, his hair is matted down with filth and appears to be black, but it could just be the filth, his nose swollen and round. He wears filthy brown robes and that contain many splotches of filth and have many holes. Clearly his choice of attire has been the same for many years. He appears to be wearing some strange foot-wear, but that is just the caked on filth coating the bottom and top of his feet making them a solid dark brown and gray color. The cleanest thing about this filthy humanoid are his well-kept weapons. They can be seen with a nice sheen and shimmer appearing under his robes.