Galatia Karols
Though an initiate of the Machine Cult, Morgana lacks the typical pile of implants replacing most of her face--the useful stuff being fitted into a bronzed collar wrapped around her neck (Though it would probably come off more as an elaborate scarf if you weren't close enough to notice the texture), giving you a full frontal view of her overly expressive face--one worn down just a bit by the constant disasters that she's stumbled between over the course of her relatively short life.  The apparatus connects to a matching cybernetic mount at the base of her neck, leading downwards towards where her Cyber Mantle would be if it wasn't covered up by her white and crimson...  Normally you'd call it robes, but her version is more of a coat with a hood really, worn over a set of khaki trousers and a reinforced stab vest--because for some reason, apparently if you catch a coggirl in the middle of a dark alleyway busy running an errand for the whim of whichever senior master is handing out orders today, they're a prime target to be shanked, looted, and that's if you're lucky.

It helps that she's a fair shot at least, though she's not entirely certain what particular bout of insanity led to her being tapped by someone actually important.

On the other hand, it's better than spending another day in the Hives.