Lyra Casta
The first impression of someone who sees Lyra tends to think scrawny, weak, and comely. None of these traits are suitable for an imperial guardsman, much less anyone whose job it is to confront heretics and xenos. She has green eyes and flax-like brown hair that goes down to her shoulders, along with a single braid on her right side tied with a strange metal charm. Complimenting her short stature and overall weak appearance, she has an attitude of passivity, often seen smiling as others make fun of her appearance. On occasion, some take it too far and discover she's still smiling as she places her shotgun to their forehead while they're pinned to the floor.

Often seen dressed in the standard flak armor from the imperial guard, it shows some wear and tear from everyday use and hardly from constant fire-fights on other planets. At this point seeing their full attire, weapons and all, one could assume that Lyra is simply an armed noncombatant unit, however strange that may be. Whatever the case, looks can be deceiving. And being deceived can get you killed.