Matsu Yuuko
Yuuko is a beautiful fair skinned young woman of svelte complexion, with dark-umber eyes and short pale chestnut-brown hair, which when not wearing a helmet, she tries to tie failing for the most part and producing a tiny ponytail while the rest of her hair hangs free. Although her features are pleasant to the eye, since she is mostly met looking like a very bland steriotypical image of a Lion bushi, such details are often overlooked.

On occasion (that is when she has to look her best in a non martial way) Yuuko will be seen wearing kimono and haori, of simple yet stylish design with few but bright colors, as well as a hair accessory in the shape of some flowers to go with it. On top of all of that, and if it is really an important time or a place that requires her to go the extra mile, she would put on some make up and use perfume to meet at least the bare standards required of her to be presentable. The rest of the time, she is found in somewhat worn but sturdy clothes, at times paired with hakama, depending on her needs.

While she is on duty Yuuko is clad in heavy armor, kabuto on top, naginata in hand and daisho at the ready, with the most distinctive thing being a steel oval shaped mask, sleek, with no features on it save colorful lines and forms drawn in a somewhat artistic fashion. When traveling, the fact that she carries a brazier on top of her rather heavy backpack and her heavy armor, makes Yuuko resemble some short upright walking turtle. Under the "shell" she carries her belongings as well as some items with the specific purpose of providing for her and giving some comfort during her travels, such as a folded tent for one or two people or a small fishing pole.