Aldric Verdain
Aldric Verdain
  • Human Male
  • 29 years old
  • 5'8" tall
  • 135 lbs.
  • Medium length black hair, dark brown eyes, typically dresses in dark robes and cloaks


Aldric was born to a family of commoners, his father a tinsmith and his mother a seamstress. Aldric did not suffer a tragic childhood but he always felt as though something was wrong or different about him. As he became older his fascination with the morbid became more pronounced and when it came to strike out as an adult he inevitably found himself employ as a gravekeeper. During his time as a gravekeeper he studied the dead and built his own philosophy about death itself. Ultimately he would encounter his master, Eldros, when he was attempting to raise zombies from one of the older crypts.

Aldric would go on to study necromancy under Eldros for a number of years, slowly building up his magical arsenal and honing his skills. Now that his master wishes to achieve lichdom, Aldric has decided to set out on his own once more. This time in hopes of establishing himself as a powerful necromancer in his own right.